10 Inspiring Pantry Design Ideas For a Beautiful, Organized Pantry

10 Inspiring Pantry Design Ideas For a Beautiful, Organized Pantry
Do you ever find yourself tearing through the pantry shelves wondering where you put those two cans of black beans? Or maybe you stock up on lasagna noodles at the store, only to realize you already have five boxes at home?

If this sounds like a familiar conundrum, it’s time to take your pantry organization a little more seriously. The right pantry design can take your pantry from an unorganized corner of your kitchen to a space you admire every time you walk by. By adding unique details like sliding pantry doors or barn doors for your pantry design you can create a beautiful space you enjoy using.

Read on for 10 inspiring pantry design ideas for a beautiful, organized pantry:

1. Purge your Pantry
Before you can truly get organized, you’ll need to start by purging your pantry. Many pantries have shelves of items that are years past the expiration date or will simply never be used. Make sure everything in your pantry is useable and the items need to be in the kitchen.

2. Purchase Coordinating Storage Bins
Choose clear, airtight containers to store food like flour, sugar, oats, and other dry ingredients you buy in bulk. By coordinating all of the storage containers, you’ll create a cohesive space that is pleasing to the eye.

3. Label Containers
Even if you think you’ll remember what you’ve put in all those containers, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Be sure to label everything you place in a clear container. Use a label maker or permanent marker to ensure the label doesn’t fade.

4. Create a Logical Setup
If you’re wanting your kids to make their own lunches, be sure to place all the lunch snacks where they can reach them. Likewise, if there are items you don’t want little hands getting into, be sure to place those items on higher shelves that are out of reach. You’ll also want to consider the frequency at which you’ll use certain ingredients when you organize the pantry design.

5. Use Sliding Doors
Sliding pantry doors are an excellent way to enhance your pantry and make it more accessible when you’re in the middle of meal prepping. By installing sliding pantry doors, you can transform exposed pantry shelves into a concealed space. This means that when your pantry gets messy, you can simply shut the sliding pantry doors and still feel like your space isn’t a total disaster. Sliding pantry doors can be customized in many ways to fit your home’s aesthetic.

6. Install a Barn Door
When you really want to take your pantry to the next level, consider a sliding barn door for your pantry. A barn door pantry offers all the convenience and flexibility of traditional sliding pantry doors but makes a bigger statement by adding a unique touch. Spark Hardware offers barn door pantry options in styles ranging from rustic farmhouse to midcentury modern.

7. Implement a Ladder
Reach those top shelves and enjoy the beautiful, traditional look of your pantry by adding a ladder to the space. A wooden ladder makes a statement and also makes your pantry design more convenient.



8. Utilize Open Shelving
If you have open shelving in your kitchen, move your most aesthetically pleasing pantry items to those shelves so they aren’t hidden behind closed doors. Jars of flour, sugar, and pretty packaged foods are great for open shelving.

9. Save Space with Pull-Out Shelves
Short on space in your pantry? Use pull-out shelves to maximize the storage options and make all items easily accessible. Spices and canned foods are great for storing in pull-out shelves.

10. Don’t Stock Up On Spices
Most spices lose their potency within a few months, so always choose to buy spices in the smallest packaging possible so you’re using the freshest ingredients for your cooking. You’ll save on space and enjoy more flavorful meals.

Now that you’ve learned the ropes of creating a beautiful pantry design, you’ll feel more at peace every time you step into your kitchen. Check out Spark Hardware’s selection of sliding barn doors and hardware to complete your pantry. Enjoy your newly organized space, and happy cooking!