Barn doors using

Barn doors using


The kitchen may be the favorit of your home, but the living room is probably where you spend most of your time as a family.

From movie nights and cat naps to reading time and entertaining guests, your living room is aptly named because it’s where you do the most living in your home — which is precisely why it’s just as important to add soul to this space, whether it’s added privacy, accessibility, or noise reduction.

It’s time to get creative and stylish with your living room door design! Check out these interior living room door ideas to get inspiration and see which might work best for your home’s space.
Interior barn doors
Barn doors aren’t just for barns anymore. From prairie dwellings to suburban homes, these charming country sliding barn doors have become popular décor pieces, especially as living room focal points. Barn door living room dividers not only look beautiful, but they’re functional space savers, as well.

Traditional swinging doors can impede upon a room and take up space when opened. This limits your living room furniture layout and décor scheme. However, a sliding barn door eliminates the problem of your door bumping into furniture, walls, and other home decor. As long as you’ve got wall space for the door to safely reside when opened, you’re good to roll … literally.

Interior glass Doors
If you want to opt for a more futuristic look, a glass partition for you living room just may do the trick! Living room glass doors can help make the space feel open even when it’s divided. It also can be functional in case you want to section off part of the living room and turn it into an office or quiet space. And with so many different ways to frost and decorate glass, your design options are endless.

Whatever living room doors you choose, you’ll love the added style, privacy and accessibility they give your home’s decor. From contemporary and classic to minimalist and rustic, these living room door ideas can help set up your living room for any occasion, whether it’s family game night, staying in for a movie marathon or hosting a party.


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