How To Install Mini Barn Door System

So you’ve fallen in love with the functional beauty of barn doors and now you want to enjoy them on your cabinets?… Awesome! We’ve got a few pointers on how to get straight to it and much type to select. You’re probably in one of these two common scenarios. You may have existing traditional cabinet doors that you’d like to switch out cabinet barn doors or you are starting from scratch with a surface that is begging for some functional [...]

Bypass door hardware is coming

Bypass door hardware is coming   Now people don not just satisfied with single barn doors. They may need double doors to decrate their homes. And in the time, they want to save space. So the bypass door hardware is coming that is such suitable. So what’s the hype about bypassing doors? The bypass barn door hardware allows multiple doors to pass one another and to overlap off to the side of the entrance. This is a great application for rooms that [...]

Exquisite stitching painted door

Exquisite stitching painted door The traditional barn door is heavily used in the decoration, perhaps this classic and elegant style is impressive. However, in modern decoration, more and more bold color design is accepted and used by people. A color envy, the stylishly designed barn door can completely change the original monotonous feeling, making the whole room alive.     Our wooden doors are available in a variety of materials such as pine, alder and composite panels. The imported high quality wood makes [...]

The popularity of door knobs

The popularity of door knobs Recently more and more people begin to be interested in door handles, a good-looking door handle can be the design feeling of whole door and fashionable feeling promote a class. Door handles are made of a variety of materials, such as stainless steel 304 and carbon steel. Our door handles can also have different surface options. They can be installed on glass doors or wooden doors by simply changing the size of the handle as needed. Imagine [...]

Sliding barn door soft-closer

Sliding barn door soft-closer Barn door is a relatively common decorative door in modern interior decoration, belonging to the type of sliding door, belonging to relatively new materials, with a very good decorative effect, so we like it. Because it’s a sliding system, the soft-closer is very effective. If a soft-closer is installed on the track, the door will slow to a stop to reduce the wear caused by collisions between the hardware, which can increase the service life. Our sliding [...]

Barn doors using

Barn doors using   The kitchen may be the favorit of your home, but the living room is probably where you spend most of your time as a family. From movie nights and cat naps to reading time and entertaining guests, your living room is aptly named because it’s where you do the most living in your home — which is precisely why it’s just as important to add soul to this space, whether it’s added privacy, accessibility, or noise reduction. It’s time [...]

New art deco series from Spark Hardware

New art deco series from Spark Hardware   This new series includes trims, chassis and locks with a full array of entry sets, levers, escutcheons, deadbolts, door stops, door pulls, cabinet pulls and pocket sliding door hardware. The products are made from heavy-duty brass and include a commercial-grade, spring-assisted chassis for ease of operation and extreme durability. The new series is available in the category Door handle. More styles can be show to chat with us. Looking forward to your consultation.

TV should be canceled?

TV should be canceled? In modern decorating, people may be more inclined to unite with style. If your sitting room is decorated with the style of a primitive simplicity and classic, and you may want the occurrence of TV would not be able to affect original style, so it needs ingenious TV-Hiding trick at this time. And the problem comes, how to conceal the television at the same time can make the home installs a style to unite again?     Let’s let our [...]

Using the sliding barn door system to make your house amplification

Using the sliding barn door system to make your house amplification Barn doors remain wildly popular. We see this type of door used in a wide variety of design styles, from minimalist to rustic, and for passage doors and closet doors. For several solid reasons they are here to stay, and for those with a small space, they can be the answer to a problem. With space-challenged rooms, the obvious advantage of a barn door is that the typical space required [...]