Let the sliding door system change your life now

Let the sliding door system change your life now

Are you still using the old, crunchy door shifter? In such a hot summer, any noise should be a bad mood. If you replace a silent and high-quality sliding barn door system at this time, your mood will change!


Steel barn door hardware

The inner of steel hardware is forged grade cast iron, the exterior is high quality power coated, the use that has been tested 100 thousand times. Its solid appearance and good sense of use are sure to bring you unparalleled enjoyment. Besides, our hardware can be customized in color. You can customize any color you want to go with your home to match visually.


Stianless steel door hardware


Our stainless steel hardware system can be used on the wooden door or on the glass. Different styles will be marked. You can choose the most suitable accessories carefully according to the details. There are three grades of stainless steel: 201, 304 and 306. All the stainless steel materials we use are of the best quality, in this respect we are sure you will not be disappointed. Stainless steel can also be made into different surfaces, such as satin, polish, black, ORB and so on.


Aluminium door hardware


Aluminium alloy hardware system can be used for wooden door also can be used for glass use. The appearance of aluminum alloy system is generally a flat track, various accessories are perfectly covered in it, simple and elegant design can make the whole environment fresh and natural. You can use for shower door or any indoor door, no matter the area that USES, it can achieve mute, convenient effect.



What are you waiting for? Come on, pick the right sliding door system!