Color Painted Contemporary hanging barn doors

Color Painted Contemporary hanging barn doors


This hanging barn doors feature a modern twist on the popular two-panel barn door design. The two equal panels create a sense of uniformity and structure that work well with clean and modern spaces. The door itself is made with hand-selected wood, cross-grained rails and stiles to prevent warping, and is built to last.

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Features of hanging barn doors

Model: SPK -BD006
Size: Customized, 84” x 38” x 11/8”as standard
Finish: Unfinished, oil paint, clear lacquer, archaize color
Style Classic Style, rural style, western style



  1. Customized
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  3. Satisfactory after-sell service.



Hanging barn doors colors:

Note: Other colors can also be customized.


Wood veneer options:



Construct of hanging barn doors :






Variety of the hanging barn doors :

1.All made by wood.



2.Hollow out.




Hanging barn doors hardware:






Other style of the hanging barn doors hardware can also be provided:



Packing of hanging barn doors :


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