White Collar Craftsman 3-Lite Clear sliding closet doors

White Collar Craftsman 3-Lite Clear sliding closet doors


Clean lines and quality Masonite craftsmanship detail are seamlessly integrated within the sliding closet doors. Offered in a variety of colors from Spark’ chic and classic paint collection, this Barn Door is truly worthy of his name. Let our sliding 3-Lite Barn Door Kits provide your home with a fresh, quick and original makeover today.

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Features of sliding closet doors 

Model: SPK-BD021
position: interior
Finish: Unfinished, oil paint, clear lacquer, archaize color
Open style: Swing, sliding




  1. A variety of panel types for your selection.
  2. Our normal door material is solid New Zealand pine with or without knot.
  3. Provide efficient logistics services,export declaration & shipping document.



Sliding closet doors colors:

Note: Other colors can also be customized.


Wood veneer options:



Construct of sliding closet doors :






Variety of the sliding closet doors:

1.All made by wood.


2.Hollow out.




Sliding closet doors hardware:






Other style of the sliding closet doors hardware can also be provided:



Packing of sliding closet doors:


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