Where are the best places to use the sliding door hardware?

The barn door hardware could be used for many place. Here are some Suggestions for places to use.

1.The connection between the kitchen and the dining room.
The barn door hardware system could separate your kitchen from your dining room. In this way, the privacy of the two Spaces is stronger. When hosting guests, you can be busy in the kitchen without worrying about the guest being disturbed or avoiding seeing your movements.

2.The connection between the bedroom and bathroom.
Ordinary doors can take up space if they are open, while using the barn door system can easily travel back and forth between two Spaces without hindering the use of space. The second, you can decorate your door according to room style, such meeting makes a space more beautiful.


3.The connection between indoor and outdoor space.
Seamlessly join your outside porch or deck with your indoor living space double sliding doors. Make it easy to get in and out.
4.The Pantry.
If the door of the kitchen cabinet is opened and closed, it will be troublesome when you pick up something. It’s much more convenient to use a sliding door system instead, where you just swipe to get what you want.



5.Shower room.
When the integral space of the shower room is not very big , a sliding glass door system can save very big space.




There will be a lot of people coming in and out of the office, and it will be very convenient to put a sliding door system on the door that actually comes in.

Install a sliding door in your closets, not only can save your time when you take clothes from it, but also can save the rest of the space to put other furniture such as dresser. And our barn door hardware is passed the 100000 cycles test, it’s very stable.

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