How to select your sliding barn door hardware.

How to select your sliding barn door hardware.

  Sliding barn door hardware is becoming more and more popular in home decoration. Suitable and beautiful barn door fittings can make the home environment more beautiful and comfortable. If you are considering a sliding barn door hardware for your home door, read on for tips on what you should consider before you purchase the fittings that is just right for you.


Door size:

Generally, the track length is the double of the door. It is the most suitable size. For example, if your door is one meter long, the length of the track you need to choose is two meters. Only in this way can the whole system achieve the highest security. So before choosing the barn door hardware, the first thing to do is to measure the size of the door.


Style of the hardware:

There are a number of choices for barn door hardware, it depend on the style you want to make. And it is important to keep clearance in mind when choosing. Modern sleek hardware may need about 4” of clearance, or bigger iron wheel hardware, reminiscent of actual barn door hardware, will need a few more inches of space.

You will also need to choose your floor guide. A few things to consider are, again, space/clearance. Do you want it hidden or is it ok if your guide is visible, and are you ok to drill into your floor or keep the guide mounted to the wall or baseboard? There are many type of the guide could be choose in our website.


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