• Aluminium Glass Partition Window

    Clear glass panels allow you to delineate separate areas without compromising the open, roomy feel of your space.Fewer light fixtures are needed when the natural light coming in through windows can flow freely through a clear glass partition wall.

  • Fixed Glass Partition

    Fixed Glass partition are making their way into home décor…not only as kitchen screens but as creative design solutions in small apartments and modern living spaces. Residential applications include living room walls, master bathroom walls, and accent walls.

  • Fixed Interior Room Divider

    These fixed glass partition are best suited for using in offices, retail spaces, as well as residential applications  A fixed partition wall creates rooms and separates work areas.

  • Fixed Pane Window

    A fixed glass window does not open or function and often contains no grids, thus the name fixed glass. Glass panels are paired with metal framing to create custom non load-bearing walls that can function as office dividers, bathroom partition walls, kitchen pane window, glass wall systems, and more.

  • Fixed Partition for Living Room

    Small homes and apartments feel larger when a clear glass partition wall is used instead of sheetrock. Glass wall partitions can be customized to fit many different spaces and design ideas. Glass resists staining and clear glass panels offer smooth surfaces that are easy to clean and sanitize.

  • Interior Fixed Glass Partition

    Aluminum is typically the preferred building material for holding framed glass partitions in place. This light-weight material lends sufficient rigidity and prevents against corrosion. The surface of the aluminum framing is sometimes finished with natural anodization or powder coated.

  • Modern Fixed Glass Partition

    Modern Fixed Glass Partition is more affordable than traditional building materials like drywall. Glass walls allow natural light into your space, reduces your need for additional lighting. Creates a greater feeling of openness and connectivity.

  • Steel Framed Fixed Partition

    Glass wall partitions can be used in restaurants and stores to mark off different areas without overly compartmentalizing the space. Likewise, these interior glass walls can be utilized in homes.