Bi-fold Door Hardware

Smooth operating, non-binding top hung bi-fold door hardware designed for use with wood door panels of closet.

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Model No.: SPK-524
Product Style: Bi-fold door hardware
Material: Aluminium
Max. loading: 34KG(75LBS)
Option: handle, door panel
Rail Length: 36inch(2 panels), 48inch, 60inch, 72inch(4 panels)
Application: Interior
Door panel thickness: 1 3/8″ and 1 3/4″ (35mm-45mm)

Our bi-fold door hardware is a superior build-quality bi-folding wardrobe doors or cabinet doors kit. Featuring the advantage of working on a top rail solution with smooth and stable movement, the DuraFold is a lightweight, durable, and dependable interior bifolding door kit that is simple to install without the need for a bottom guide channel. 



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